Papers - Full papers (oral session) and Short papers (poster session)

Abstract deadline: February 28, 2009
Notification of abstract acceptance: March 31, 2009
Full paper deadline: June 1, 2009
Notification of full paper acceptance: August 1, 2009
Full paper submission deadline: September 1, 2009

There will be two categories for the paper submissions-one is an oral-session full paper category, and the other is a poster-session short paper category. When you submit your paper, you will be required to indicate either one of these options, and the reviewers will review the abstracts according to the selected option. However, if an abstract was submitted to the full paper category and if the abstract does not meet the criteria for the full paper quality, there is possibility to be suggested for considering poster presentations when that is judged to be the better option. The oral-session full paper category will have stronger rigor in the reviewing criteria comparing to the ones for the poster paper category. We will post more details of the review criteria and this distinction between full papers and poster papers on the web site near future.

The theme of IASDR 2009 is Rigor and Relevance in Design. Design has been evolved into a unique but highly influencing discipline in this rapidly changing society. But it has also struggled to find its own rigor and relevance as a disciplined field as its own. In this conference, we invite various perspectives and research outcomes that may address the issues of establishing our own rigor and relevance of design research and practice in the field of Design, as well as discussions and research activities related to all the important design subjects as follows:

   Design Theories and Methodologies
   Design Philosophy, Ethics, Values, and Issues
   Design Education
   Design Management and Strategy
   Sustainability, Culture, History, and Society in Design
   Human Behaviors, Perception, and Emotion
   Semantics, Aesthetics and Experience in Design
   Interaction and Interface Design
   Design Tools and New Media
   Universal Design/Inclusive Design
   Design Creativity
   Design Project Cases
   Other Design-related Areas

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