Tutorials provide conference participants with the opportunity to gain new insights, knowledge, and technologies in a broad range of areas in the field of design. Tutorial topics range from practical guidelines and standards to academic issues and theory. Tutorial participants include designers and users, software developers, managers of design projects, design evaluators and testers, teachers of design, researchers in design, and professionals in other areas seeking to gain an understanding of how design relates to their specialities.

Each tutorial is designed to be a half-day or full-day in duration. Half-day tutorials are 3 hours long (not including breaks). Full day tutorials are 6 hours long (not including breaks). Please indicate the duration of your proposed tutorial on your Cover Page.

Attendee Background
The background of attendees assumed by the tutorial should be described explicitly and in detail in the proposal.

Tutorials cover a wide range of design-related topics, such as service design, emotional design, mass customization as a new design tool, systematic user-centered methods, experience prototyping, sustainable design: strategies & methods and ethnography for mobile industry.

Review Criteria
Tutorial proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their estimated benefit for prospective participants and on their fit within the tutorials program as a whole. Factors to be considered include relevance, timeliness, importance, and audience appeal; suitability for presentation in a half-day or full-day tutorial format; use of presentation methods that offer participants direct experience with the material being taught; and past experience and qualifications of the instructors. Selection is also based on the overall distribution of topics, approaches (overview, theory, methodology, how-to), audience experience levels, and specialities of the intended audiences. Thus, not all tutorials of technical merit can be accommodated.

Submissions for IASDR 2009 Tutorials must include 3 documents: Cover page, Proposal descriptions for IASDR tutorial, and requirements list.

    Cover page
    Cover page should contain:
    * Duration of proposed tutorial : Half-day session or Full-day session
    * Title of the tutorial
    * Name of the instructors
    * Affiliation
    * Address/Country/Telephone/Fax/Email
    * Abstract (about 150 Words)

    Proposal Descriptions for IASDR tutorial
    Prepare a proposal description, no longer than 15 pages
    It should contain:
    * Title of the tutorial, up to 60 characters
    * Names and affiliations of the instructors: in cases of multiple instructors, indicate role and percentage involvement of
       each instructor
    * Justify the tutorial for a IASDR audience
    * Educational goals of the tutorial
    * Audience: The audience should be described in terms that include any background required to understand the tutorial.
       State the disciplines and/or organizational roles of attendees who would be interested in your tutorial.
    * Describe in detail the material that will be covered in the course
    * Explain how the tutorial will be conducted. List the various presentation forms used in the tutorial, e.g., lecture, demo,
       exercise, video, group discussion, and/or case studies.
    * Benefits: The benefit statement should contain a summary of what skills and knowledge the attendees will gain as a
       result of attending this tutorial.
    * Give a schedule of events with time allocations
    * Describe and provide samples of materials that will be included in the tutorial notes
    * Instructor background: List the background for each instructor, including current employment and activities, previous
       professional activities, and relevant publications.

    Requirements List
    Prepare a list of requirements for running the tutorial. Include any supplies required for each participant, restrictions or
    conditions on offering the tutorial, and other information that the review committee should know in considering the
    proposal. Please note that you should list your audio-visual and computing equipment requirements.

Tutorial Notes
Proposed tutorials are accepted contingent upon receipt of high-quality tutorial notes. The notes should serve as reference materials for attendees and should support the presentation of material during the tutorial. The tutorial notes should include:
    * an introduction to the topic
    * copies of all computer-presented format slides
    * an annotated bibliography
    * copies of relevant background material or scholarly papers (for which the instructors have obtained any necessary
       reprint permission)
    * tutorial exercises, as appropriate

An honorarium of $500 USD will be awarded for each half-day tutorial that is taught, $1,000 USD for each full-day plus free conference registration. If a tutorial has two or more instructors, the honorarium will be shared among them. Instructors must pay for their own travel expenses.

Important dates
Submission deadline: April 24, 2009
Notification of acceptance: June 26, 2009
Camera-ready paper deadline: July 24, 2009
Tutorials: October 18, 2009

Tutorial Chair:
Ji-Hyun Lee (jihyunlee@kaist.ac.kr)
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST, Korea

(463-828) 314-8 Korea Design Center, 344-1 Yatap 1 dong, Boondang-gu, Sungnam, Kyunggi-do
tel : ++82-31-781-5021,5022
fax : ++82-31-781-5023
email : secretariat@iasdr2009.org